Our Product

DYNATRUST is The turnkey solution for managing compliance of your cybersecurity requirements at the scale of all your suppliers.

Our SaaS product as well as your data are hosted in France !

Our software fits into the domain of GRC (Governance, Risks, and Compliance) and offers concrete and innovative solutions to the main identified issues !

Disruptive Features

  • DYNAMAP , the ultimate tool to manage all suppliers
  • Multi-framework mapping
  • Construction, tracking, and projection of integrated action plans
  • Immediate access for suppliers to the client platform

"I can directly monitor the progress of my suppliers"
"We finally have the means to mobilize the supply chain"

GRC Manager


  • Integrated methodologies
  • Unlimited frameworks
  • Recommendations (AI)
  • Optimization of your internal resources and skills improvement

"We feel guided step by step in conducting the audit"
GRC Consultant

Adapted to all levels of organizational maturity

  • Comprehensive compliance arsenal
  • Unlimited number of suppliers and frameworks
  • Integrated methodologies
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
"You feel guided step by step in the audit process"
"An clear, intuitive and pleasant interface"

GRC Consultant

Main functionalities

  • V1.x - Compliance management
Diagnostic / Assesment / Compliance audit
Recommendation tracking
Supply chain security
  • V2.x - Risk management
Risk analysis
Recommendation tracking
Integration of security into projects
  • V3.x - SMSI 27001 / PIMS 27701 governance
SMSI 27001 / PIMS 27701 management
Guided obtainment for 27001/27701 certifications
Guided maintenance for 27001/27701 certifications

Our services

  • Software maintenance

  • Software training

  • Consulting by guiding you in conducting cybersecurity assessments

Software maintenance

  • Functional update
  • Technical optimization
  • Continuous deployment of security patches

Software training

  • Training on product usage

  • Certification exam

  • Network of certified experts

Offers and Use Cases


  • Internal compliance management
  • Supplier compliance management


  • Client compliance
  • Diagnostic / Evaluation / Audit

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